We bow our heads in sorrow for the passing awayof Dr. Chava Sekeles.

Dr. Chava Sekeles, a pioneer music therapist and acertified supervisor, founded and headed the first music therapy training program in Israel in theMusic Therapy Department at David Yellin Academic College in Jerusalem, and served as its' director until her retirement (1980-2002). During this time, she has trained many music therapists. Dr. Sekeles was a trained musician, occupational therapist, and music therapist. As a therapist she was mainly interested in working with patients with neurological and psychiatric challenges, and as a researcher she was interested in the healing rituals of traditional societies. She developed a music therapy model – the Developmental Integrative Model and had a private practice in Nataf. She has written numerous papers and two books: Music: Motion and Emotion (1996) St. Louis: MBB, and Music therapy: Death and Grief (2007) N. H. Barcelona Publishers.   

Dr. Chava Sekeles was involved in the EMTC from the early days of the confederation, and served as the Israeli representative in the EMTC for 15 years. During this time, Chava inspired many important processes within the EMTC by her professional views and unique personality. In 2010, Chava was awarded with the EMTC's award for life achievement.

Chava will be remembered for her enormous contribution to the music therapy field, and her inspiring caring lively personality will continue to shine among those whom she influenced over the years.

The EMTC board and members pay their deep condolences to Chava's family. 

R.I.P dear Chava  

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