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15th November is European Music Therapy Day!

Music therapists, the specialists in the field of music and health, will hold open house events and organize workshops. Creative and enlivening performances will take place. Some activities will be organized in the week before or after the 15th of November. You can find more information on all music therapy day activities in Europe on

Hearing your voice

Our theme for European Music Therapy Day 2017 is ‘Hearing your voice’. In music therapy we listen to the many voices of our clients. We invite clients to express themselves, to explore their experiences through the use of their voices and by playing musical instruments, so that they can be heard as people and be helped in coping with problems. During European Music Therapy Day we'd like to send out a warm invitation to you, to make your voices heard. As music therapists we want to show everyone the power of connecting through music and the ways in which this can help people, who for whatever reasons are "stuck", to make steps towards greater wellbeing.

 What is music therapy?

Music therapy is an established and research based health profession.  In Europe more than 5000 certified music therapists are working in health institutions, schools, care homes or private practices. They provide music therapy for a wide range of client groups, including children with learning disabilities, autism or behavioural disorders, adults with depression or trauma and anxiety, and older adults with Parkinson’s or Dementia.

A well trained music therapist supports the client in a musical way and stimulates development or change, as beneficial to the individual’s needs. Using music therapy is effective, cost efficient and contributes towards a holistic care environment.



The EMTC is the Confederation of professional music therapy associations in Europe. The overall purpose of the EMTC is to nurture mutual respect, understanding and exchange between music therapists in Europe. The EMTC was founded on 15th November 1991 and almost 30 European countries have joined the EMTC. Started in 2014 the European Music Therapy Day will be held each year on the 15th of November. EMTC website:

Flyer (go to for download): 

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