European Music Therapy Day 2018!

We are ready to celebrate European Music Therapy Day, November 15th! This is a day created by the EMTC for awareness, promotion and celebration of music therapy. This year’s theme is “Music moves me”. Got to the website and get inspired by all the events happening across Europe. Maybe you can make your own event?

The board and all country delegates of the EMTC wish you a happy and musical European Music Therapy Day!

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We bow our heads in sorrow for the passing awayof Dr. Chava Sekeles.

Dr. Chava Sekeles, a pioneer music therapist and acertified supervisor, founded and headed the first music therapy training program in Israel in theMusic Therapy Department at David Yellin Academic College in Jerusalem, and served as its' director until her retirement (1980-2002). During this time, she has trained many music therapists. Dr. Sekeles was a trained musician, occupational therapist, and music therapist. As a therapist she was mainly interested in working with patients with neurological and psychiatric challenges, and as a researcher she was interested in the healing rituals of traditional societies. She developed a music therapy model – the Developmental Integrative Model and had a private practice in Nataf. She has written numerous papers and two books: Music: Motion and Emotion (1996) St. Louis: MBB, and Music therapy: Death and Grief (2007) N. H. Barcelona Publishers.   

Dr. Chava Sekeles was involved in the EMTC from the early days of the confederation, and served as the Israeli representative in the EMTC for 15 years. During this time, Chava inspired many important processes within the EMTC by her professional views and unique personality. In 2010, Chava was awarded with the EMTC's award for life achievement.

Chava will be remembered for her enormous contribution to the music therapy field, and her inspiring caring lively personality will continue to shine among those whom she influenced over the years.

The EMTC board and members pay their deep condolences to Chava's family. 

R.I.P dear Chava  

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Conference in Trapani, Sicily, May 3.-6.: “Music in Music Therapy:  theory, clinical practice, research”

Photo: Fabio Marino

Photo: Fabio Marino

The Italian Association of Professional Music Therapists (AIM) will be hosting the General Assembly of the EMTC in Trapani (Sicily) from May 3 to May 6, 2018 at Lions Club and San Rocco Museum.  During this time, on May 4th and 5th  from 10 am. - 6 pm. at the ‘Conservatory Antonio Scontrino of Trapani’ will be held the International Conference titled:

Music in Music Therapy:  theory, clinical practice, research”.

The chosen theme for the Convention intends to focus on the importance of music in Music Therapy from a theoretical, clinical (both active and receptive) and research perspective.  International specialists will be invited to lecture on the various aspects and experiential workshops will be held on May 5th, which will take place at the San Rocco Museum in the Centre of Trapani.


The Conference is addressed to music therapists, music therapy students, teachers, psychologists, doctors, health professionals, professional expressive arts’ therapists and all those who would like to get to know this profession better.


Visit our website to get more information and register to the conference at the link:

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EMTC General Assembly and International Conference: "Music in Music Therapy: theory, clinical practice, research”

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The Italian Association of Professional Music Therapists (AIM, will be hosting the General Assembly of the EMTC in Trapani (Sicily) from May 3 to May 6, 2018. During this occasion, on May 4th and 5th  from 10 am. to 6 pm. the international Conference titled: “Music in Music Therapy:  theory, clinical practice, research” will be held at the “Conservatory Antonio Scontrino” of Trapani .

The chosen theme for the Convention intends to focus on the importance of music in Music Therapy from a theoretical, clinical (both active and receptive) and research perspective.  International specialists will be invited to lecture on the various aspects and experiential workshops will be held on May 5th at the San Rocco Museum in the centre of Trapani.

Further details will soon be available in the link:

European Music Therapy Day 2017

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15th November is European Music Therapy Day!

Music therapists, the specialists in the field of music and health, will hold open house events and organize workshops. Creative and enlivening performances will take place. Some activities will be organized in the week before or after the 15th of November. You can find more information on all music therapy day activities in Europe on

Hearing your voice

Our theme for European Music Therapy Day 2017 is ‘Hearing your voice’. In music therapy we listen to the many voices of our clients. We invite clients to express themselves, to explore their experiences through the use of their voices and by playing musical instruments, so that they can be heard as people and be helped in coping with problems. During European Music Therapy Day we'd like to send out a warm invitation to you, to make your voices heard. As music therapists we want to show everyone the power of connecting through music and the ways in which this can help people, who for whatever reasons are "stuck", to make steps towards greater wellbeing.

 What is music therapy?

Music therapy is an established and research based health profession.  In Europe more than 5000 certified music therapists are working in health institutions, schools, care homes or private practices. They provide music therapy for a wide range of client groups, including children with learning disabilities, autism or behavioural disorders, adults with depression or trauma and anxiety, and older adults with Parkinson’s or Dementia.

A well trained music therapist supports the client in a musical way and stimulates development or change, as beneficial to the individual’s needs. Using music therapy is effective, cost efficient and contributes towards a holistic care environment.



The EMTC is the Confederation of professional music therapy associations in Europe. The overall purpose of the EMTC is to nurture mutual respect, understanding and exchange between music therapists in Europe. The EMTC was founded on 15th November 1991 and almost 30 European countries have joined the EMTC. Started in 2014 the European Music Therapy Day will be held each year on the 15th of November. EMTC website:

Flyer (go to for download): 

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Call for papers NMTC 2018

Dear music therapy colleagues!

Sweden is preparing for NMTC 2018, which we hope will be a very special event where we can come together to share and gain more knowledge and understanding about our important work. The theme this year is:


We are now ready to open: CALL FOR PAPERS. Please send in your abstract, deadline November 1, 2017. Read more on . Welcome!

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm is searching for a Professor in Music and Health!

Please note that this is a translation of an advertisement in Swedish (cfr. registration no 17/167). Should there be any inconsistencies between the two versions, it is the Swedish version that is the official one.

Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH)

is Sweden's largest and oldest higher music education institution, and the only one which is a separate government authority. KMH educates more than 900 students per year on highest international level in study programmes focusing on folk and traditional music, jazz, classical music, conducting, composition, music and media production, as well as music education. KMH also offers teacher education programmes and postgraduate research programmes in music and music education, and participates in extensive artistic and educational research and development projects in Sweden and internationally.

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH)
invites applications for a full time and permanent position as full time

Professor of Music and Health

at the Department of Music Education

Start date: 1 October 2017 or thereafter. The position is full time with conditional tenure (indefinite duration).

Description of the subject area:

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) pursues education and research in music, a large subject area based on an academic or artistic footing and on proven experience.

In accordance with its research strategies, KMH is now developing research within music, learning and health, a field of research in which the possibilities of music to promote health and human are being studied and explored in a versatile manner, always with music in focus.

The research output within this field of research are called for and applied in health enhancing and treating interventions in health care, rehabilitation, social work, habilitation, and special needs education.

KMH is now searching for a full professor of Music and Health to be part of building research within KMH as well as together with our external partners. KMH has entered a dialogue with Karolinska Institutet to establish a long-term, institutional cooperation. The professor is expected to operate within this joint milieu.

KMH offers a research environment with high artistic level. KMH was recently ranked #6 by QS Top universities ranking within the subject “Performing Arts”.

The position is placed at the Department of Music Education, where today research on Music Education and, to a certain extent, Music Therapy is being performed.

Duties of the post:

• The professor will promote the research of Music Education at KMH and exercise overall responsibility of supervision of doctoral students in Music Education.

•  Teaching and tutoring on all academic levels both in English and in Swedish.

•  Own research.

•  Represent KMH and to be instrumental in the establishment of the joint institutional cooperation with Karolinska Institutet, but also to further cooperation with other relevant institutions.

•  Lead and encourage the research of other colleagues in the field, including active involvement in the application for and the winning of external research awards, and the creation and management of research projects.

•  The professor is expected to be able to play a full part in the management and administration of both the Department and the College, since such duties may, at some time, be assigned to the professor.

•  Active participation in the development of KMH as a working place, including staff meetings. The Professor will serve, when required, as an examiner and/or assessor at undergraduate and graduate level, and will also participate in admission tests.

•  It is expected that the successful candidate will foster a positive relationship between KMH, and the public, through engagement in public policy and knowledge exchange and to be responsive to public interest within the field of Music and Health.

Qualifications required

The eligibility criteria for employment as professor are research as well as teaching expertise (Higher Education Ordinance Ch 4 Sec 3).

In order to exercise the duties of this post, research expertise within the field of Music and Health is required. According to the regulations of KMH, research expertise should be demonstrated through:

•  independent research activities of high international and national quality, published in international fora.

•  the ability to plan, initiate, lead and develop research, and to present proposals for and win external funding.

It is important to us, that the applicant is highly skilled within the field of research in question, has large knowledge and experience of applying both qualitative and quantitative methods in his/her research, and to have pursued research within the subject area music.

Teaching expertise must be demonstrated through witnessed qualifications in higher education and teaching, with a demonstrable record of successful supervision at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.

Necessary linguistic skills: English and Swedish. A candidate, who does not speak and write Swedish at the time of application, is expected to acquire these proficiencies within two years.

Assessment criteria

Assessment for the appointment of the professor shall be based on the degree of the skills required for the appointment. Teaching expertise will be assessed as carefully as research expertise (Higher Education Ordinance Ch 4 Sec 3).

According to KMH’s appointment regulations the following assessment criteria are used:

•  The degree of scientific expertise, shown by the development, management and achievement of high quality research.

•  The degree of teaching expertise, shown by the development, management and achievement of high quality education, and ability through an engaging manner, to foster a high level of achievement in students and doctoral students, and to inspire a wider understanding of the field of study.

•  The degree of skill at outreach in communicating research within the field to a wider public.

•  The degree of ability to take a lead in encouraging research achievement, and such personal skills that are necessary to perform the duties of the post.

•  The degree of administrative and other skills that are of importance to the post.

Great importance will also be paid to personal skills such as the ability to initiate and collaborate within the research team, within KMH, and externally towards the public.

KMH will in this recruitment firstly consider the applicant that in the overall assessment of competence and expertise is judged to have the best potential to carry out and develop the relevant duties within the position and contribute to a positive development of the field of study and KMH.

Other information of importance

KMH strives to attain a more balanced gender distribution among its teachers. Since most full professors of the faculty are men, women are especially invited to apply for this position.

Further information:

For further information about the position, please consult the Head of Department, Per-Henrik Holgersson, , phone +46 73 461 86 02

Union representatives: Eva Wedin (SACO-S) phone +46 70 758 82 91, Ing-Marie Lindberg- Thörnberg (Lärarförbundet) phone +46 70 758 82 92, Vladimir Spasic (ST), phone +468 16 15 89. .

How to apply

A complete application, marked REFNO 17/167, written in English must be submitted together with a description of your current research and teaching (in three copies) no later than 10 May 2017, to Registrator, Kungl. Musikhögskolan, Box 27711, 115 91 Stockholm.

Copies of degrees etc. that you wish to refer to, must be witnessed.


The new Core Board

At the General Assembly in Vienna 2016, a new core board was elected. President Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona (Finland), treasurer Dr. Alice Pehk (Estonia) and general secretary Dr. Melanie Voigt (Germany). We wish to thank the former core board Dr Hanne-Mette Ridder (Denmark), Ferdinando Suvini (Italy) and Dr. Adrienne Lerner (France) for their outstanding work over the years for the European Music Therapy Confederation!


Vienna GA just around the corner!

The Vienna General Assembly is getting close for the country representatives! Participants from 28 European countries are packing their bags, getting ready to discuss topics like European Music Therapy Register, new member countries, the EMTC Award, upcoming conferences, recognition of the profession, collaboration across Europe, electing a new core board and much more. Two full days of international music therapy exchange - and then we are attending the 10th European Music Therapy Conference «A symphony of Dialogues». See you there!

EMTC General Assembly

The General Assembly 2016 is hosted by the conference in Vienna on July 4-5 2016.

Approaches Special Issue

7(1) 2015: Music Therapy in Europe: Paths of Professional Development.
Edited by Hanne Mette Ridder & Giorgos Tsiris