History and background . . .

Since the year 2000 Music Therapy Foundation of Latvia – later in 2005 a society was founded – Latvia Music Therapy Association (LMta) has been entered in the EMTC register. In 2009 present membership is 51 people.

Theoretical Foundations . . .

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Recognition and approval . . .

We professionally work towards the certification of new specialists, which is going to happen in cooperation with Association of Professional Organizations of Medical Professionals (LĀPPOS). Latvia Music Therapy Association has a close cooperation with Latvia Art Therapy Association, with which we have common Standard of Profession, Description of Profession, and Code of Ethics as well.

Research and literature . . .

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Professional associations . . .

Students of the Music Therapy programme regularly participate in internationally recognised music therapist seminars – master classes.
In May 2004 a two-day seminar “Music Therapy and Psychodrama”, conducted by a music therapist Professor Joseph Moreno from the US, took place.
Also now, in cooperation with European Association of Pediatric, he is helping our study program by attracting outstanding and well-known guest lecturers.

In November 2005 and March 2006 seminars at the LAP were conducted by Professor from Jyväskyla University, Vice President of Music Confederation Jaakko Erkkila and his assistant Esa Ala – Ruona. Students gained an insight into the possibilities for music therapy in Finland, they were acquainted with models of psychodynamic therapy and systems in music therapy as well.

In May 2007 Monika Nöcker Ribaupierre (Germany), General Secretary of European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC) delivered lectures in the LAP, she informed about the standard of music therapy education and profession in Europe.

In February 2006 and January 2007 and September 2008 seminars were conducted by a music therapy specialist from Denmark, the author of several books Tony Wigram. Through participation in a joint improvisation students gained a valuable experience of how to use different methods of music therapy improvising in groups and individually, as well as they got a deeper insight into the methodology of evaluating the music therapy process.

Also we have had the opportunity to participate in lectures and practical seminars run by Regina Neuhoizel. In Year 2008 seminars were conducted Heidi Fausch (Switzerland) Dr. Reiner Hauss and Dr. Peter Hoffmann from Germany.

We also have an agreement with Pedagogical University of Vilnius (Lithuania) about mobility of students and lecturers. Within the setting of ERASMUS program, a student from Germany (University of Cologne) and 2 students from Vilnius Pedagogical University, has applied for studies and practical training in our program. In October 2008 until January 2009 one student from Italy.

EMTC Delegate
Mirdza Paipare
Latvia Music Therapy Association
Liela Str. 14
Liepaja; LV-3401,Latvia
Telephone + 371 634 26296
371 29799951

Training programs . . .

In the year 2003 second level professional study programme in Music Therapy was licensed and implemented in the Liepāja Academy of Pedagogy. The programme was accredited in 2006. Since 2006 studies of music therapy have been organised at Rīgas Stradiņa University in a professional Master’s study programme in health care “Art Therapy” as one of specialisation fields. The full-time programme is accessible for applicants with a Bachelor’s degree or with a qualification diploma in a state accredited study programme in social and health care and social welfare, or in pedagogical education and educational sciences, or in art. RSU collaborates with the LAP in the implementation of the programme.
Since July 2008 year LAP is renamed as Liepajas University and program of our studios is now accredited as Master programm, where in a result can obtain Master`s degree in health care.