History of the EMTC

The European Music Therapy Confederation was founded in 1991, as a forum for exchange between music therapists in Europe. In the following you will find a short overview of the history of the EMTC with a presentation of European EMTC conferences, general assemblies and board members. Since 1989 the EMTC developed from a working group to an official AISBL (International Non-Profit Organization = Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif).

1989. Noordwijkerhood, Netherlands, and Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
A pioneer cooperation developed the European Music Therapy Association, EMTA: Tony Wigram, Patxi del Campo, Gianluigi Di Franco, and Helen Odell-Miller.

1991. Groesbeck, Netherlands. Pre-Conference
Stichting Muziektherapie organized the conference ‘Music Therapy in Health and Education in the European Community’. Guidelines for EMTA were discussed.

1992. Cambridge, UK. European Conference
Networking meetings. Decission to organize a European music therapy conference every three year.

1994. Capri, Italy. Pre-conference
Tony Wigram nominated as the acting president of the pioneer working group that led to a more structured functioning and the creation of EMTC.

1995. Aalborg, Denmark. 3rd European Conference

1998. Leuven, Belgium. 4th European Conference
A President and 2 Vice-Presidents are elected for the EMTC. A principle of a triumvirate is adopted.
President: Gianluigi di Franco (1998-2001)
Vice-President: Gro Trondalen (1998-2004)
Vice-President: Jos De Backer (1998-2002)

2000. Ma`ale Hahamisha, Israel.Pre-Conference

2001. Naples, Italy. 5th European Conference and General Assembly
President: Jos De Backer
Secretary General: Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre
Vice-President: Gro Trondalen
Vice-President: Regina Halmer-Stein (2001-2005)

2003. Meielisalp, Switzerland. Pre-Conference

2004. Jyväskylä, Finland. 6th European Conference and General Assembly
EMTC is officially registered as AISBL. The statutes state that: An international non-profit association is being founded, called the“European Music Therapy Confederation. This association is being founded in accordance with the Belgian Law of 2 May 2004.”

President: Jos de Backer
Secretary General: Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre
Treasurer: Julie Sutton
Regional Vice-President, North: Jaakko Erkkila
Regional Vice-Presidents, Middle: Regina Halmer-Stein
Regional Vice-Presidents, South: Teresa Leite

2005. Bologna, Italy. General Assembly
Core Board: unchanged
Regional Vice-Presidents: new elections
North: Jaakko Erkkila
Middle: Heidi Fausch
South: Fedinando Suvini

2006. Vittoria, Spain. General Assembly

2007. Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 7th European Conference and General Assembly
Board: re-elected

2008. Nantes, France. General Assembly
Changes adopted for titles of Board Members. Moniteur Belge informed of these modifications of EMTC-Statutes.

Core Board: President, Vice-President Secretary General, Vice-President Treasurer
Regional Vice-Presidents become Regional Country Coordinators

2009. Vienna, Austria. General Assembly
New Core Board elected for transmission period
President: Hanne Mette Ridder
Vice-President Secretary General: Adrienne Lerner
Vice-President Treasurer: Ferdinando Suvini
Regional Country Coordinators remain unchanged.

2010. Cadiz, Spain. 8th European Conference and General Assembly
President: Hanne Mette Ridder replaces Jos De Backer (2002-2010)
Vice-President Secretary General: Adrienne Lerner replaces Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre (2001-2010)
Vice-President Treasurer: Ferdinando Suvini replaces Julie Sutton (2004-2010)
North Regional Country Coordinator: Kerstin Dyblie Erdal replaces Jaakko Erkkila (2004-2010)
Middle Regional Country Coordinator: Heidi Fausch (since 2005)
South Regional Country Coordinator: Stefano Navone replaces Ferdinando Suvini (2005-2010)

2011. Vienna, Austria. General Assembly

2012. Tallin, Estonia. General Assembly

2013. Oslo, Norway. 9th European Conference and General Assembly
Core Board: re-elected
North Regional Country Coordinator: Alice Pech replaces Kerstin Dyblie Erdal (2010-2013)
Middle Regional Country Coordinator: Elena Fitzthum replaces Heidi Fausch (2005-2013)
South Regional Country Coordinator: Ranka Radulovic replaces Stefano Navone (2010-2013)

2013 EMTC Award 2013 shared by Brynjulf Stige and Gro Trondalen

2014. Luxembourg. General Assembly

2015. Würzburg, Germany. General Assembly