History and background . . .

A brief account of the present situation of the music therapy:
There are only one active association remaining,
The Hungarian Music Th. Association,Budapest, still chaired by myself. The other two are not active anymore, because of death and other reasons.

Theoretical Foundations . . .

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Recognition and approval . . .

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Research and literature . . .

Katalin Urbán Varga: Music Therapy Worldwide – „Rehabilitation” monthly XI.Vol.No.3. Sept. 2001. p.100-102. Music and Therapy „
Kútbanézők VI-VII. Volume Academia ludi et artis 2002. p.44-55. Development of Communication Technics of the Autistic Children with Music Therapy , Special Education and Therapy (book) 2004 MEDICINA Pub. p.519-544

Professional associations . . .

Personal contacts abroad:
I succeeded in lecturing and making workshops in Slovakia and I am going to establish direct contacts with the COMENIUS University Bratislava next year.

EMTC Delegate:
Katalin URBAN-VARGA, – MZE president
The late College for Training of the Teachers of the handicapped has integrated to a big university :

ELTE University of Sciences
Bárczi Gusztáv Training Faculty for the Teachers of the Handicapped
1097 Budapest, Ecseri út 3.
Phone:35-85-500, 35-85-593

Private e-mail:
Private Phone: 35-92-049
For quick contact please, use the private number.

Training programs . . .

There are two training programs accredited in Hungary, both are postgraduate ones organized by universities, as follows:

ELTE UNIVERSITY Budapest, Special Teachers’ Faculty . training only music therapists. 24 therapists graduated in 2006 February. (5 semesters MTh theory and practice)b/

POTE UNIVERSITY Pécs, Faculty of Arts, graduated 25 art therapists in 2006 June.( 2 Semesters theory,and after choosing branch 3-3 semesters music, or applied art or movement therapy.