Why register?

The purpose of establishing a European register for music therapists is to ensure the recognition and protection of the professional title of music therapist. The European Music Therapy Confederation has an obligation to protect the interests of the profession and the public it serves, by ensuring that the profession functions at an appropriate level of training and practice. With the EMTR, music therapists who are trained to the EMTC standards are given the possibility for a European certification.

With agreed standards, the registration is also aimed at promoting the mobility of professional music therapists within Europe. The EMTR is linked to the higher education standards of bachelor and master level qualifications (i.e. the accredited standards required by the EU, following the Bologna Agreement).

Who can apply?

Applications to the EMTR are only accepted from music therapists who are members of a national music therapy association that is a member of the EMTC.

To be accepted in the register you also need to meet the professional qualifications specified under Criteria.

Application and registration fee

The cost for application and registration is 250 EUR. As a first step, 50 EUR is paid when the application is submitted. If you are accepted as a registrant you will be charged the remaining part of the fee: 200 EUR. The fee covers the administration related to process, evaluate and monitor the application. See “Instructions on how to fill in the application form” (pdf) for bank account details.

Application period

Applications can be received between October 1st – December 31st. Send your signed application including attachments and the list of attachments to . The EMTR commission will meet during the EMTC GA in May 2015 and answers will be sent by June 1st 2015.


To be registered in the EMTR you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Master of Music Therapy following the Bologna Agreement according to the accredited standards required by the EU.
  • Two years of documented full time clinical experience (or equivalent). Clinical experience is the active work with music therapy with individuals or groups and as a trained music therapist. Research, teaching, administrative or organizational work do not count as clinical work even if it is performed within the field of music therapy.
  • Minimum of 200 hours of documented self-experience (e.g. ongoing Music Therapy, Group Music Therapy, Psychotherapy, Systemic Therapy, Humanistic Therapy). At least 50 of these hours need to be undertaken over a continuous period and with the same therapist.
  • Minimum 200 hours of documented individual supervision on music therapy clinical work (or 100 hours of individual supervision and 150 hours of group supervision in a group of maximum 8 persons). At least 50 of these hours need to be undertaken over a continuous period and with the same supervisor.

Self-experience and supervision includes those undertaken during training.

Transistion regulations that took into account lifelong professional work in the field of music therapy were valid from January 1st 2011 to January 1st 2014, and are no longer in effect. After EMTC approval, the EMTR commission has stopped using the BA, MA and supervisor titles, and will now only register music therapists with an accreditated MA level education. The EMTR registration is granted based on documents sent to the EMTR commission. It does not replace obligatory training and education according to the national law or authorize the person to perform the job of a music therapist or music therapy supervisor if national requirements are not fulfilled.

Each application is kept confidential until approval. Rejection is kept completely confidential. There will be no sharing of information during the application process. If anyone hears of any discussion outside the Registration Committee, a formal complaint can be filed.

EMTR Application form 2014

Music therapists registered in EMTR:

Dr. Anthi Agrotou, 16 Triptolemos Street, 1087 Nicosia, Cyprus
Registered EMTR-Supervisor

Dr. Hanna Helena Hakomäki, Hämeentie 128 D 90, 00560 Helsinki, Finland,
Registered EMTR-Supervisor

Dr. Jitka Pejrimovska, Praha 6, Junácká 12, PSC 169 00
Registered EMTR-Supervisor

Dr. Patricia Sabbatella, Universidad de Cádiz – Facultad de Educación, Campus Universitario de Puerto Real, 11519 – Puerto Real (Cádiz), Spain
Registered EMTR Supervisor

Dr. Ranka Radulovic, Sarajevska 16, 11000 Belgrade
Registered EMTR Supervisor

Karin Frisch-Kartheiser, 5 rue Jaques Sturm, L-2556 Luxembourg
Registered EMTR-Supervisor

Ph.D. Teresa Leite, Rua de Junqueira, 188-198, 1349-001 Lisboa, Portugal
Registered EMTR Supervisor

Irmgard Keraudren, 37, rue St. Honoré, 78000 Versailles, France
Registered EMTR-BA

Jaroslava Gajdošíková Zeleiová,  Študentská 10/25,  911 01 Trenčín, Slovakia
Registered EMTR-MA

Dr Merja Anita Forsblom,  Ojahaanrinne 4, 01600 Vantaa, Finland
Registered EMTR-MA

Dr. Marketa Gerlichova, Albertov 7, 128 00 Prague 2
Registered EMTR-MA

Dr Alice Pehk, Estonia pst 15, 10141 Tallin
Registered EMTR Supervisor

Nicole Droin, 51 rue Prévost-Martin, 1205 Genève, Switzerland
Registered EMTR-MA

Dr. Montserrat López Merino, Rúa García Prieto nº 53, Bajo, 15706 Santiago de Compostela
Registered EMTR-Supervisor